Flexitime | Time recording as a contractor with Sourced

Login to Flexitime here, using the credentials already supplied in your email

Read about how to use Flexitime here:

First off, welcome to the team!

Your consultant will have mentioned that we use an online time sheet system to keep our invoicing process as smooth as possible.

We've sent you a link from Flexitime already, so you can log in to see the interface.
The video below gives you an indication of how to record your time but if you have any questions at all please let us know.

One thing to note:

At the end of each week, simply switch to the Summary tab, highlight the work completed and hit the Request Approval button on the right.

Please use Week 1 through 5 depending on which week of the month it is

  • this becomes critical at month end when (for example) a Monday and Tuesday are in fact the 5th week of a month, the Wednesday would then become week 1 (the 1st) of the new month.

Please ensure you complete this weekly, to make end of month less of a burden.

Invoice us using your Flexitime profile

We will invoice your workplace on a monthly basis (1st to last day to keep it simple) and we'd would be grateful for invoices to match these if you are GST registered (you can generate an invoice straight from your Flexitime login, against a payslip if that helps). As outlined in your contract, payments will be made to you as per your schedule. Generally speaking, invoices should run for a full month and will be paid on the 20th of the month - this does vary between engagements so please re-read your schedules if you are not sure. 

This is obviously a separate process to any time keeping system that is needed at your workplace, and it crucial that the time recording between both are identical to prevent any delays in processing.

We hope this makes sense, but please let us know if there are any concerns.

Happy contracting!