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About Us

Our approach to our relationships is to build a partnership based on honesty, integrity and quality to achieve an impressive result.


We offer a no surprises approach for both candidate and client. As a critical intermediary, it’s vital that we understand the needs and wants of both parties and communicate these clearly from the outset. We’re also not afraid to speak up when things could be done better, or need improvement – after all in a talent short market it’s vital to be the best you can be!


We’re not about ‘making placements’, or ‘filling jobs’, we’re really just about achieving the best outcome for all involved. Our candidates come back to us time after time as we look out for them and provide sound and unbiased guidance throughout their careers. We offer much more than just job opportunities and prefer to see ourselves as trusted advisors. Our clients keep coming back because we do what we say we’ll do, we work to genuinely understand their business, their culture, their unique dynamic, and are therefore better positioned to attract and offer the best, most qualified talent.


Our clients see Sourced as the ‘strongest solution’, we know our market well and we engage meaningfully with our extensive candidate network; combining these elements results in the best outcome for all involved. Sourced’s aim is to provide a complete approach to the recruitment process but with a genuine flexibility in our process. We are available for as much or as little support as is required and offer a broad range of additional HR services. It’s Recruitment after all, we get people!

Sourced’s aim is to provide a complete approach to the recruitment process but with a genuine flexibility in our process. We are available for as much or as little support as is required and offer a broad range of additional HR services.

About Sourced, the organisation

Sourced are IT recruitment specialists and are heavily focused on supporting their local industry. We know Canterbury IT; with a dynamic team that boasts the most local experience, Sourced bring fresh ideas and excellent opportunities to the market, everyday. With consistent and high accuracy, relevance and community involvement, Sourced builds long-term partnerships based on honesty, integrity and quality, and provides a complete approach to recruitment with genuine flexibility in our process. With many returning candidates and clients, Sourced do what they say they’ll do: work to genuinely understand their clients needs and match these to their candidates needs.

Sourced are an Accredited RCSA Recruitment Provider, members of the Canterbury Software Cluster (including representation on the Cluster Committee) and are regularly invited to sit on industry advisory boards in the Canterbury region. We are actively engaged with the CESB (Canterbury Employment Skills Board) providing feedback and consultation on critical skills shortages in the Canterbury region and most recently provided submission and consultation to support the EPIC Campus proposal to NZTE.

Our Christchurch headquarters, and central office, is based in Central Christchurch. With a fully appointed office space including Boardroom facilities, we are perfectly positioned to host our candidates and clients as required. Sourced offer full onsite psychometric testing and interpretation services for both SHL and Opra, and have access to technical testing facilities should you require them.

Sourced are leaders in Social Media execution across the New Zealand recruitment industry. We have very quickly developed a reputation for innovative, targeted social media techniques that have seen us invited to sit on the Canterbury Software Cluster committee as an industry expert, and consulting to clients about this rapidly evolving technology space. We are introducing techniques and communication methods not seen previously in our industry, and capturing a lot of interest in the process. Social Media is key in the IT industry as our clients and candidates rely on it more and more for personal and professional connections, communication, marketing and messaging. Sourced are strong advocates of the Cloud and run a business model that is based on mobility and high availability. We view our office space as more of a ‘’central hub’’, fully equipped to do business, host candidates and clients, but not critical in enabling our operation. We utilise market leading Enterprise Systems all delivered across the web to allow us, we have information at our fingertips offsite, or onsite with you – we are a business that can operate on the go!
About Sourced, the organisation: Sourced is a specialist permanent and contract recruitment consultancy, primarily focused on IT Recruitment